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Whoever said love isn't suppose to hurt is a liar. So what do you call it when you have so much butterflies and your stomach starts twisting in knots to the point where you become physically ill? What do you call the excitement of having someone on your mind all day and then the depressing feeling you get when you end up not seeing them at all? ot the tightness that cripples your heart when you see them happy with someone else? Oh, and let's not to forget the pain of being in love with someone you know you can't have but your heart wanted them so badly. what do you call those 2, 3am nightly sessions, thinking about that one special person who is probably not think about you? What do you call being in love with someone who is completely oblivious? You still think love isn't suppose to hurt? Love hurts because it's not suppose to be easy. If it's easy, then it's not gonna be worth it. You hurt based on how much you love. The more you love, the more you hurt. The less you love, the less you hurt. But you can't know what love feels like without knowing what it feels like to be hurt. Even love itself can hurt you, just by loving someone until it hurts. So, if you're not hurting then it's not love.

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