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It was a good silence...

The kind where you could sleep but not enough to where you could dream. The one where you could hear every beating heart in the room. Every pulsing vein, giving everyone that extent of life. And I sit here thinking, this is the life given. The beating heart, the functioning brain, the gulp of breath air. That's how you're supposed to live right? Oh, they forgot to mention the physical challenges we need to go through. The breathing, the functioning brain, the beating heart, that's easy. Its the lying, the broken hearts, and the nightmares that we have to worry about. Its the everyday task to survive everyone's goals. Lying; we tell them to protect ourselves, to protect others. But yet, its unfaithful, sinful to the tounge. Why is the truth supposed to be good, but hurts when someone tells it? Love; Why does it feels so good to thrive for lust, but chokes the heart when its gone? Why do I drown, when I am floating? Its the life that is denser than I am, but keeps sucking me into the pleasures, the distractions. Its the beating heart, the gulp of air, the moving gears of the brain tht might keep us functioning. When the heart is weary, the breathing is what could keep us going even though we don't want to. The breath fading, we can only count that heart goes and the brain isn't dead. And when that wondrous mind is gone, we must make sure that our diaphgram is constantly rising and lowering, our heart is persistently pumping the rich blood through our veins. It isn't science, its life. But it feels like we are immortal, we are supposed to feel that way, though its not true. Someday, all our functioning will grow faint and we would have no choice but to leave this earth. We really don't know what is next, and we really never believe that its our time to go. Sometimes, we may want to speed the process. And honestly, I feel that way at times. But the reason I'm still alive is because I feel like I won't survive the sanity of another world. Those are the times when we all feel that we have beed defeated by one another, then hope that we would change. And that's when I feel sorrow towards those who give vain hope for humanity to change themselves. But everyone should know that humanity is a frail species, but we put up a fight towards one another anyway, not knowing that we will lose all together. 

We should all remember, that love is stronger than hate. You could save one with love, but kill another with hate. Our one nature isn't going to save us, we can only save each other.

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